The Essentials You Need to Get Off the Grid

Today, many people are growing increasingly tired of modern society and the business that comes with it. Work, school, children, bills – there’s just no time to yourself. So, it’s easy to see why so many people yearn for a much simpler life, far away from the everyday stressors – even if it means giving up their favorite movies and TV shows. If you’ve been thinking about going off the grid lately, make sure you check these five essential items off your list.

1. Land to Call Your Own

There’s no point in going off the grid, if you don’t have somewhere to stay – unless you plan on becoming a squatter, which is something we do not recommend. First, you need to get yourself a plot of land that’s undeveloped, has a water source, moderate wind and receives lots of sunlight. These things will make farming your own food a lot easier. Before building, however, you should make sure to check with the local laws about land management like taxes and whether it’s zoned for agricultural purposes. 

2. Protection from the Elements and Wild Animals

So you have your land, now what? Well, you’ll need somewhere to actually live, of course. You might be limited to using a tent for the first few months or so while you decide the kind of house you want. But there are plenty of options, both old and new; you can go for something more traditional like a log cabin or look into alternatives such as converting a shipping container into a warm, cozy home. Removing yourself from society doesn’t mean living like a savage.

3. Agriculture and Livestock

Up next is producing your own food. It sounds simple but it may be a real challenge for those who don’t know anything beyond cooking pre-packaged foods. You’ll need to learn how to plant and manage crops as well as learn to hunt and fish (if you’re not vegan or vegetarian). Chickens produce eggs every day, so definitely keep a chicken or three in your coop. Cows and goats can be used for dairy and meat. Lastly, make sure you know how to preserve food, you know, so you won’t starve during the winter!

4. Clean Water for Drinking and Bathing

You might be thinking this one is a no-brainer, but getting your hands on safe, clean drinking water isn’t as simple as it sounds. Pollution and contamination from animals leave natural bodies of water riddled with viruses and bacteria that lead to water-borne diseases, which isn’t great on any occasion, but especially when you’re nowhere near civilization. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a good water purification system. There are a lot of options including bio-filters, distillation, boiling, bleaching, distillation, ceramic and UV purification. You will also need to keep some water testers on hand as a sort of extra security for your health.

5. Power to Make Life Easier

Depending on who you ask, this one may not be a necessity but it will definitely make your new lifestyle a lot easier. We’re talking about electricity here! It’ll help you cook faster and even keep you nice and warm during the winter. Luckily, we’ve already figured out how to harness the power of nature to produce electricity. So make your decision, on whether it will be wind, water or the sun? For the wind you’ll need wind-generated turbines, a river to power the hydro-generator and solar panels for the sun. This will give you about 850-900 kWh of electricity per month.

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