The Craziest Things People Have Eaten for Entertainment

There have always been people with the insane skill of eating anything, whether it’s truly edible or not. And it goes way beyond just having a large appetite. They can and will eat anything – metal, glass, plastic, rubber, you name it. Some people are just built differently, while others train to become different. And to think, many of us choke on mere water. Below are some of the craziest things people have eaten for entertainment.

1. Jewelry, Coins, A Goldfish and Unshelled Nuts

On its own, swallowing nuts is nothing impressive. But sending it down your throat whole and unshelled? Now that takes some guts. Hadji Ali was a talented magician from the roaring twenties who was able to swallow nearly forty unshelled hazelnuts and one almond, then regurgitate it on command, in any specific order. It is also said that he could regurgitate jewelry, coins and even a live goldfish which lived to see the rest of the show. But Ali’s tricks didn’t end there. He was also a prolific “water-spouter” who could jug down almost a hundred glasses of water and sometimes kerosine, then spit it out in a long continuous stream.

2. Live Eels and Snakes

Then there was Tarrare, a bizarre performer, soldier and spy from the 18th century who some people claimed was also a cannibal. Tarrare was afflicted with a strange medical condition which left him with an insatiable appetite for just about everything. After being discovered by Dr. Baron Percy in 1788, Tarrare began showcasing his odd abilities to the public; flints, corks, a pocket watch and an entire bushel of apples were on the menu. At one of his performances, he took it up a notch by eating both live snakes and eels without a single bite; it looked as easy as slurping spaghetti.

3. A Car

Leon Samson was a Greek sideshow strongman whose resume included swallowing 22,000 razors over the course of ten years, among other life threatening acts. Then, in 1969, Leon made a $30,000 bet with an Australian business man to eat an entire four-seater car. Naturally, he simply couldn’t pass up this opportunity. So over the next four years, the strongman consumed nearly a pound and a half worth of the car on a daily basis. Sadly, Leon was unable to complete the stunt due to a sudden move to America. By that time, there wasn’t much left of the car so he won the bet anyway!

4. 25,000 Light Bulbs

Stuntman Branko Crnogorac had the bright idea to eat approximately 25,000 light bulbs over the course of his 60-year career. But that’s not all. Crnogorac also spent his time munching on 12,000 forks, 2,000 spoons, 2,600 plates and so much more. Then there was that time he was dared to eat the entirety of a bike in just three days. However a choking incident involving the bike’s pedal, which he survived, forced Crnogorac to put his career to rest.

5. 18 Bicycles

Speaking of bicycles, Michael Lotito, more commonly known as “Monsieur Mangetout” or “Mr. Eat-All” was diagnosed in 1959 with “Pica,” a psychological condition where one craves inedible materials, such as metal or rocks. Physicians also noted that his stomach acid was quite potent and heavily lined, making it easier for Lotito to digest the heavier objects. As evidenced by his nickname, Lotito ate just about anything he could find: shopping carts, TV sets and even chandeliers. His largest meal however, was an entree consisting of eighteen bicycles.


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