The Craziest Things Criminals Did to Evade the Police

Throughout the course of history, criminals have done some crazy things to not only get what they want, but to also evade the police, and understandably so… no one wants to end up in prison. While some offenders choose to go into hiding after a wrong deed, there are some who take it to the extreme when they realize that the police are hot on their trail. From standing on a roof during a storm to burying their entire vehicle in mud, let’s look at the bizarre things some criminals did to try to stay out of jail. 

1. Weathering A Storm 

In the city of Odessa, Texas, police were conducting a routine traffic stop on the driver of a Chevrolet Silverado who suddenly drove off. The driver, Uriel Loya, panicked because he had a parole violation warrant out for his arrest. He sped past a few blocks before abandoning his vehicle and escaping the rest of the way on foot. Desperate to avoid capture, he broke into a business and caused over $2,500 in damages as he tried to get to the roof. When he got there, he stood on top of the roof for hours during a storm hoping that the police would retreat as they were unable to get to him. When it eventually passed, Loya was taken into custody and charged with criminal mischief, the manufacturing and distribution of illegal substances, and criminal trespassing. 

2. Jumping into Someone’s Back Seat

A couple of states away in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, police pulled a vehicle over for having a broken rear brake light. While one of the officers walked towards the motionless car, one of its passengers jumped out of the backseat shortly before the vehicle sped off, running several stop signs in the process. A high-speed chase ensued until the vehicle went down an embankment. The driver, Jose M. Osorio, leapt out of his car and ran across a busy highway to a nearby fast-food restaurant. Without a second though, he jumped into the backseat of a stranger’s vehicle as they waited on the drive-thru line. The police found him and shocked him with a stun gun in front of the vehicle’s terrified occupants. After a brief struggle, Osorio was handcuffed and taken into custody. He then explained that he jumped into a random vehicle because he wanted to “get a ride.”

3. Hiding in A Dryer

In Alexander City, Alabama, local police were investigating a series of vehicle thefts in the area and gained enough evidence to obtain a search warrant for a house they believed to be involved. When they got there, they searched the entire home, but found nothing.  They continued looking and again, they found nothing. One officer who refused to give up, decided to look into the clothes dryer and that was when he found 18-year-old suspect, Allen “Nunnie” Saldin. Another person and the homeowner were charged with several offenses. Saldin got the worst of it and was charged with obstructing justice, receiving stolen property, and attempting to elude, among 3 other charges.

 4. Wearing Women’s Clothing

Members of the San Antonio police department were on the lookout for a man who’d escaped from prison. Believed to have been hiding at a local motel, police set up surveillance in the suspect’s room and around the hotel, in addition to asking the workers if they’d seen the man in question. Motel maintenance worker Manuel Romo was asked if he’d seen the suspect several times, to which he answered no. A few hours go by when the police notice a man wearing women’s clothing hastily walking away from the hotel. They took him into custody and when questioned about his new appearance, he said that Romo informed him that the police were asking questions. Romo was arrested and charged with hindering the apprehension of a fugitive – an offense punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

5. Burying the Evidence 

In the Dali County of Shaanxi province, China, police were investigating a hit-and-run after a vehicle collided with three individuals. They were all hospitalized and thankfully they all survived. Using fragments they obtained at the scene, the police were able to identify the make of the unknown vehicle. They used surveillance footage, created wanted posters and questioned motorists in the area in an attempt to catch the criminal. They had difficulty trying to find the vehicle and that’s because the owner buried the car in his backyard. He went as far as disposing of the tools he used to hide the vehicle. His father somehow managed to convince him to turn himself in and when he was asked why he buried his vehicle, he said it was because he was afraid of going to jail. 

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