The Best Scientific Hacks for Social Situations

Socializing is an inherent part of our lives as human beings. Even self-proclaimed introverts and anti-social beings do in fact require it, though in smaller doses. Some people seem to be naturally good at it, and can talk up a storm with just about anyone, while others have to put quite a considerable amount of effort into it. If you happen to fall into the latter, this article is perfect for you. And if you don’t, then it doesn’t really matter because these scientific hacks will make socializing so much easier.

1. Chew Gum to Calm Your Nerves

Nervousness and anxiety are part of our flight response in tense and scary situations, even though they tend to show up in non-life-threatening moments as well. Either way, it makes it hard for us to focus and put our best foot forward. Not many people know this but chewing gum can significantly reduce your anxiety levels, as well as depression. It’s not a permanent solution but a rather quick fix that can be applied before any nerve-wracking social situation, like interviews or even karaoke.

2. Use Your Non-Dominant Hand to Control Anger

Many people believe that negative emotions like anger should be suppressed. But this only leads to uncontrollable rage that is often expressed in random bouts. One way to keep your anger under control is by using your non-dominant hand more often for daily tasks. Just the simple act of switching to the other hand while doing something easy like cleaning could significantly reduce your anger. Such a simple move trains your mind to control itself for the future.

3. Asking for Help Actually Makes You Appear Smarter

Most of us falsely assume that asking for help will make us seem less intelligent than we actually are. However, doing exactly this has the opposite effect, as most people will perceive you in a positive light. Admitting that you do not know something is an inherent sign of wisdom because it means that you are willing to expand your knowledge. In addition to this, the person you’re asking for help from will feel both important as well as intelligent, and in turn will develop a positive opinion of you.

4. Feet Don’t Lie

We all know that the eyes are a dead giveaway as to what someone might be thinking and feeling. But so are the feet. Just like the eyes, they too express a wide range of emotions but many of us don’t even realize it. The next time you’re talking to someone in person, look at their feet. If they’re engaged, their feet will be pointed towards you. If they’re nervous, angry or tired, they’ll be crossing their legs or pointing their feet away from you, as if they’re getting ready to leave. It’s a purely subconscious reaction – people almost never realize they’re doing it.

5. The Last Impression

Being the social creatures that we are, first impressions mean a lot since they affect our perception of another person. On the flipside, we hardly ever think about last impressions, you know, the impact we may have had on someone after leaving a conversation. So if you want someone to remember a first meeting more clearly, then place more emphasis on what you say or do just before you leave. People are more likely to recall what you said to them last than what you did when you first came into the room.


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