5 Most Expensive Things Owned by Donald Trump

For all the talk that Trump likes to partake in about his business prowess, he doesn’t seem to know how to actually cut down costs in any meaningful way; his bold inconsistencies as a sensible human mean he’s probably made some pretty over the top purchase decisions in his life as well. Take a look at 5 of the most expensive things owned by Donald Trump and decide for yourself if they were worth the money.

1. A Luxury Vehicle Collection
To be fair, the current president doesn’t own hundreds of vehicles like some car enthusiasts, but the ones he does have would easily break the bank of your average millionaire. With at least two of his cars alone costing half a million dollars (each), Trump’s collection is easily worth a fortune. He retains extravagant vehicles like the 1993 Lamborghini Diablo VT, the 2015 Rolls Royce Phantom, a Tesla Roadster, Chevrolet Camaro and more. He even has an exact replica of a 1956 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud that he personally commissioned from the company – based on his love of the first one he had in his younger days.

2. 17 Golf Clubs
No, not the kind you hit golf balls with but it’s probably safe to say he’s got some pretty expensive makes of those as well. Trump opened his first golf club in 1999 and has continued the trend around the world ever since, opening clubs all over the US as well as in Ireland, Scotland, and Dubai. When he bought what is now the Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles, he had shelled out an initial $27 million and then proceeded to spend over $260 million on upgrades and branding. Based on that information, one can only imagine what the grand total of all 17 eventually came to.

3. A Private Airplane
The Trump Force One is a powerful Boeing 757, the same make of the current actual Air Force One that serves the Whitehouse. Although not as decked out in terms of security as the actual Air Force one, Trump reportedly purchased the plane for $100 million and has probably spent way more than that on lavish upgrades. When it was valued at $100 million it was the 8th most expensive plane in the world but would likely be bumped up that list today.

4. Everything in Gold
Donald Trump seems to liken himself to a King Midas of sorts, with a need to be surrounded by gold at all times. From changing the curtains in the Oval Office to a silken gold from the traditional red drapery upon taking office, to plating the seatbelts and sinks on his private jet gold – Trump has definitely incorporated his love of the stuff into his personal brand. Take the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas for example, where the exterior is entirely plated with 24-karat gold coated glass.

5. The Trump Winery
Yes, he owns a winery too. Although the way Trump acquired the previously failing Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard in Virginia appears to be a little bit suspect (he purchased the surrounding grounds and made the property look uninviting to interested parties so that the bank had no choice but to sell to him) it still must have cost him a pretty penny to get it ready to reopen. The winery is currently doing well, although it seems to have more to do with morbid brand curiosity than because it actually produces a palatable product.

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