Tech Projects That Failed Miserably

Technology doesn’t happen in a linear line – there are lots of highs and lows, as well as plenty of failures that come with every successful breakthrough. Even in our modern world, inventors and scientists are still experiencing hiccups along the way. But sometimes, many of their projects blow up in their faces, and sometimes in the worst possible way. Here are some of the tech projects that failed miserably.

1. Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Fold was Samsung’s version of a modern flip-phone and it resembled a wallet when folded. The idea was that you could fold the phone in half then unfold it and your screen would be the same as before. The reviews, on the other hand, painted a different picture than what Samsung was hoping for. Some said that they couldn’t get the phone to budge while others claimed that it only folded in one direction. Despite the obvious failure, Samsung tried to claim that they sold one million units in nearly four months, though that was quickly proven to be false.

2. Juicero

Almost everyone loves juice. And we love them even more if they’re made from fresh, using organic fruits sourced from local farms. So we invest in a juicer, especially high-end ones that can squeeze every single drop out of our fruits and vegetables. In 2017, the Juicero was marketed as a top-tier juicer that could work just as well as other brand name ones. Turns out that the Juicero was a juicer that could barely juice anything and when tested, it was discovered that you could get just as much juice in a shorter time if done by hand. The company went bankrupt in no time.

3. Coolest Cooler

A cooler is one of the simplest items there is; its only function is to keep your food cool. But this one was no ordinary cooler – it could charge your phone, blend your fruits and it even had a Bluetooth speaker. So, what went wrong? It was basically useless. The blender was subpar and the battery life was awful, with just four minutes of blending time. In the end, the Coolest Cooler went up in flames and the company was forced to file for bankruptcy.

4. Tesla Bot

Elon Musk is an innovative man. But he doesn’t get it right all the time. And such was the case with his Tesla Bot, which he claimed was able to perform every dull, risky or repetitive activity. The rollout, however, was a mess. Despite not having an actual robot, Elon Musk offered to show off the concept robot to the public. Instead, he sent out a guy wearing a spandex jumpsuit who danced around on the stage. The entire ordeal was super cringey to say the least. As expected, Musk was slammed by the press and called out for his gimmicky behavior.

5. Zillow’s AI

In 2021, Zillow, one of the top real estate firms in the world, started getting into the house flipping business. They also built their own A.I. technology to help them out in this new area. They were so confident in the A.I’s performance that they allowed it to make cash bids on homes. This decision quickly backfired, as the firm had a backlog of 7,000 properties worth of $2.8 billion that needed to be sold. The A.I. was shut down and its sloppy spending proved that you can’t just let any technology invest in real estate.


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