Strange Laws You Can Easily Break While Abroad

It’s easy to assume that the laws of foreign are the same of that of your home country. But that’s extremely far from the truth since some nations have some laws and customs that are far off what we could ever imagine, like “no carve sculptures are allowed on this beach.” Not to mention that certain countries have something against Winnie the Pooh. Here’s a peek at these five strange laws that you can easily break overseas.

1. You Can’t Build Sandcastles in Italy

Next time you’re visiting Italy, specifically the city of Eraclea, be sure to avoid building a sandcastle. You could get fined and apparently, it could cause an obstruction, just so you know. However, this is just one of Italy’s many weird laws; you can’t wear mini-skirts and shorts, shirts that show too much cleavage in some areas, you can’t wear your bathing suit outside of the beach and under no circumstance are you allowed to eat in the streets or kiss anyone inside a car.

2. You Can’t Have Water Pistols in Cambodia

In 2002, the Cambodian governor banned the possession, import and sales of water pistols during the New Year celebrations, but not because of some reasonable explanation. He did it simply because he thought it was silly and had to be stopped. The then governor of Phnom Penh explained that “We will not allow people to use [water pistols] because our nation is now peaceful, and if we let people play with them, it will look bad.” Though you can still play with water in certain designated areas, just not when they’re squirting out of plastic toys.

3. You Cannot Be Reincarnated Without Permission in China

The Chinese government, in 2007, banned Buddhists from being reincarnated in their country without prior written authorization. But the law would allow a Chinese person to have a say in the next reincarnation of the Living Budda because the government is determined to participate in the selection of the next Dalai Lama. Though the current Dalai Lama himself has said that he refuses to incarnate in Tibet as long the Chinese are still in charge. But he is free to reincarnate anywhere else, like just outside the Tibetan border.

4. You Can’t Like Winnie the Pooh in Poland

While it’s good that the Polish government takes interest in the type of media that children consume, it seems that one town might have gone a little too far. The council in the town of Tuszyn came to the conclusion Winnie the Pooh’s lack of pants was a problem, as well as the physical ambiguity of his gender (even though he’s male); a leaked tape to the media revealed that a council member had a very graphic account as to why Winnie was missing certain parts of his anatomy. In the end, the council decided to settle on a Polish cartoon character who was dressed from head to toe.

5. You Can’t Be Overweight in Japan

Obesity is a real pandemic in the U.S. and many other Western countries. Even though Japan doesn’t fall into that category, the government decided to stay one step ahead by enforcing the “metabo law” which requires every citizen over the age of 40 to check their measurements once a year. Anyone found to be overweight is given three months to shape up, followed by compulsory dietary advice and guidance. If insufficient progress has been made, then they must attend six months of “reeducation.” So far, the country’s obesity rate has dropped by 3.5 percent.


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