Outdated Gadgets We Still Use

As society evolves, so does our technology. The inventions of yesteryear are now replaced by newer, more stylish and functional ones. As these gadgets continue to capture our attention, it’s natural to assume that there’s no use for their predecessors in this modern world. Well this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although not a common occurrence, there’s a few outdated gadgets out there that are still making the rounds, as highlighted by the five examples in this article.

1. Non-Smart Mobile Phones

Smartphones are pretty much mini-computers with a wide array of apps at your fingertips. But not everyone wants to be bogged down by all that extra technology, especially the elderly who still haven’t quite gotten the hang of it. So they go back to the simplicity of non-smart mobile phones. You know, the ones with buttons. Something that’s a foreign concept to Gen Z. So what do they use it for? Well, just the basics—calling, messaging and snapping a pic or two.

2. Dedicated GPS Device

Even though most smartphones come with a GPS system, many people might prefer to rely on a good-old-fashion GPS device to navigate unfamiliar territories. One reason for this is that they find it easier to balance the in-dash and portable GPS devices on the dashboard. Also, while using these GPS devices instead of the one on your phone, you won’t have to worry about your instructions being cut off by a call or message, unlike if you were using a smartphone.

3. Portable Media Player

It’s a no-brainer that most people listen to music on smartphones and computers. Despite this, portable media players are still making the rounds on the markets. One reason is that certain music lovers prefer to have a separate device solely for listening to music, while they use their cell phone for other tasks. This means that the cell phone battery will last much longer too! It should also be mentioned that some portable media can be plugged to TV’s or other devices, which is pretty convenient if you’re not done using your cell phone.

4. Vinyl LPs

In this day and age, music is almost entirely digital. Streaming and online purchases have taken the place of physical copies of music, such as CDs and its predecessor, vinyl LPs. But the latter hasn’t completely been erased from history. Like portable media players, it’s still making the rounds in markets, mainly among the older generations who grew up with these devices. They love the nostalgic feel that comes with it, something that’s lacking in modern music. Although gramophones are available for purchase, you can always opt for digital turntables that convert music on the LPs to digital files.

5. Digital Camera/Camcorder

Just about every smartphone comes with a high-quality built-in camera that allows you to capture photos or record videos. And while these are great for everyday selfies or even Tik Tok videos, it doesn’t come close to the high resolution of a Digital SLR camera or a digital camcorder. As mentioned earlier, the quality puts smartphone cameras to shame, giving the finished product a bit more of a professional touch. These devices also hold more storage space that is dedicated entirely to your work, unlike smartphones that are riddled with apps and cache space.

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