Myths About Weapons and Combat We Only Believe Because of Movies

Movies have a strange way of changing how we perceive reality and it’s not always a good thing. The good guy doesn’t always get the girl at the end of a romance movie and real wars look nothing like the ones portrayed in films. Unfortunately, some of our favorite films have led us to believe that things are more epic than they really are, or procedures work in ways that are extremely far from the truth. Here are some of the myths we believe because of movies. 

1. Wounds Shouldn’t be Burned 

Oftentimes when characters are injured and not in range of a hospital, they find creative ways to help deal with their injury. One of the most common ways is for a character to burn (cauterize) their wound not only to help stop the bleeding, but to also stop the infection. Unfortunately, they’re only making things worse. It is true that heat kills pathogens, but it will also cause a serious burn which can lead to worse pathogens and an even more serious infection. Cauterization is only acceptable in situations where there is massive blood loss with little to no options.

2. Some Explosives Don’t Go Off When Shot

Scenes using explosives are arguably some of the most dramatic and misconstrued when it comes to films and movies. In many of those scenes, characters are often shown causing explosions by just shooting at them, which is not supposed to happen. Some of the most common types are extremely stable and undergo thorough testing before they are put into use. Some types are so stable that they can be lit where there are no other sources of fire. 

3. Cigarettes Don’t Make Gasoline Catch Fire 

Another common scene in action movies includes throwing a lit cigarette in gasoline and walking away while fireworks go off in the background, but no matter how amazing it looks, it’s not possible. In theory it should work as the required temperature for gasoline to catch fire is 246 degrees while cigarettes burn at approximately 700 degrees. Scientists have been trying to replicate the experiment multiple times only to fail every single time. 

4. Locks Can’t Be Shot Open

In many cop scenes, law enforcers are often shown taking excessive measures to get into houses. Whether it’s by kicking down a bolted door or pulling off a lock with their bare hands, some of the things shown are just impossible. Another implausible scene is when a character shoots a lock open. Experiments have shown that there’s a higher chance of getting a lock open with a pick rather than a weapon as modern locks are simply too strong to be shot with a standard-issued police weapon.

5. Cars Don’t Explode When They Are Shot

Car accidents are a staple in car chase films like Fast and the Furious and Drive but there’s a lot that happens in the movies that can’t happen in real life. Many of those films show cars being blown up when the gas tank is shot but the biggest issue with this is that it would require perfect marksmanship to accomplish such a feat. Additionally, that type of ammunition has not been proven to ignite fuel. 


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