Most Intense Corporate Company Rivals in History

It is survival of the fittest in the corporate world. The drive for success causes companies to go to great lengths to ensure that they provide quality products and services to their customers. In the quest to reach the top, they step on a few toes and at times become a bit ruthless. Companies, as they seek to become the leader in the industry, recognize they have competitors and try to outshine them. In such an environment, corporate rivalries should be no surprise. Here are five of the most intense corporate company rivals.

1. Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi

This is perhaps one of the most famous corporate rivalries of all time. Coca-Cola and Pepsi both produce soft drinks and these two giants in the industry have been involved in what is often referred to as “Cola Wars.” Their battles, which began in the late 1970s, have been waged at restaurants, supermarkets, stadiums and court rooms. Their intense marketing campaigns have been known to attempt to capture people’s interest and dominate as the preferred soft drink. Their marketing campaigns over the years included Santa Claus, presidents and other celebrities. The companies took shots at each other through their advertisements.

2. Nike vs. Reebok 

As it relates to athletic shoes particularly in the sports of basketball and baseball, Nike and Reebok have dominated and this has led to rivalry. The two companies continue to duel it out through their television commercials in an effort to get to the top in the athletic shoes and apparel markets. After Nike established a superstar athletic endorsement deal with NBA giant Michael Jordan, Reebok followed with another basketball legend, Shaquille O’Neal. They have both focused on their marketing strategy in the attempt to get to the top.

3. McDonald’s vs. Burger King

The fast food industry is home to two giants- McDonald’s and Burger King. The fierce competition referred to as “burger wars” dates back to the 1950s. McDonald’s has dominated for decades and has seen the highest revenue in the industry, with Burger King not too far behind.  McDonald’s has over 14,300 U.S locations while Burger King has about 7,400 in the U.S and Canada. Their marketing campaigns are used to keep the competition on its toes. In recent times we’ve seen these two companies offer each other a peace offering, which is not to say that they are no longer competitors.

4. Microsoft vs. Apple

Microsoft and Apple are two companies that have radically transformed people’s lives and businesses. This rivalry between these two powerhouses began in the late 1970s. The companies have worked collaboratively over the years but this doesn’t mean that the competition has stopped. In 1984, the first Macintosh computer came out and by 1985 the first Windows-OS driven computer was released. They both diversified, with Microsoft entering the video game market and Apple developing smart phones and MP3 players. In 2022, Apple became the first company to reach a $3 trillion market value with Microsoft at $2.5 trillion.

5. Boeing vs. Airbus 

Let’s take it to the skies. Since the dawn of aviation, there have been numerous producers of commercial flights but the two most popular ones are Boeing and Airbus. These two industry leaders specialize in producing lightweight, fuel-efficient and economically viable aircrafts. They both strive to outperform each other and acquire the majority of the market share. Over the years, they have accused each other of utilizing dubious methods and receiving preferential treatment from governments. Airbus now leads in production and revenue.

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