Lies We’ve Been Told About Dracula

Dracula is at the core of nearly all vampire lore and mythology. Ever since Bram Stoker introduced us to this enigmatic character over 120 years ago, people have become mesmerized and even obsessed with this figure. Despite the many adaptations of this classic tale, it seems that most of us just can’t get the facts right. But it’s not our fault, we’re only repeating what we’ve been told. But just what are those lies we’ve been told about Dracula? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out. Here are five of them.

1. He Could Only Turn into a Bat

We all know of Dracula’s ability to turn into a bat – it’s something that allows him to slip in and out unnoticed. But did you know that he could transform into other animals as well? Well, a wolf, fox and rat to be exact. He could control them too. And there were also a couple of cooler abilities like creating and manipulating elemental dust, storms and even mist. All these skills make evading capture so much easier. They also sound so much better than the typical descriptions. It’s a miracle that Van Helsing was even able to touch him!

2. Sunlight Was Fatal to Him

One common trope about Dracula is that his body bursts into flames the moment sunlight touches his skin. But that weakness didn’t come into play until the 1922 silent film, Nosferatu. However, in Stoker’s novel, Dracula avoided the daylight not because it would kill him but because it made him weaker. On the other hand, the night empowered him, which enabled him to strike quicker and undetected. So basically, he was forced to operate by night out of convenience.

3. Transformation Happened Really Quickly

In just about every vampire movie, the victim becomes a creature of the night in only a matter of minutes. This goes directly against what Bram Stoker explained in his novel, that vampire transformations take a bit of time. It’s so slow that John Seward was able to alert Van Helsing of Lucy’s transformation and wait for him to get there in time in an effort to reverse the process. And Dracula’s victims would only change if they lost enough blood, then they would die and come back to life as one of the undead.  

4. Vampire Slaying Was Fun and Packed with Action

The media’s portrayal of a vampire’s death is far from how Stoker portrayed it in his books. Instead of charging towards the bloodsuckers guns blazing, it was more of a brief ambush that ended with a stake to the heart. Besides, most vampires were barely able to fight back as they were usually asleep in their coffins when the attack occurred. And for extra precaution, vampire slayers would stuff garlic into their mouths before beheading them. So it was a bit grotesque but far from exciting.

5. Many People, Not Just Van Helsing, Wanted Dracula Dead

Being the bloodsucker that he is, it’s clear to see why Dracula became public enemy number one. Van Helsing had it out for him but so did many other people. In addition to the aforementioned protagonist there was also Mina Murray Harker, Jonathon Harker, Arthur Holmwood, John Seward and Quincy Morris. In fact, Mina played a crucial role in Dracula’s death by using her connection to him to notify the town folks of his whereabouts. His death was pretty anticlimactic too. 


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