Jobs That Pay You to Do Nothing

Let’s face it most of us dream about getting paid to do the bare minimum. Nine to five jobs can be stressful and soul sucking, so why not make the most of your precious time by using little to no energy? If you’ve recently been contemplating a career shift to something less hectic that won’t rob you of your peace of mind, then have a look at these five jobs that pay you to do absolutely nothing!

1. Frustrate French Bureaucrats

In France, there’s this legal clause that allows civil servants to continue receiving a salary until they find a new job. This was the experience of a man named Bosko Herman who worked at the town hall for five years straight. At some point, Herman had a falling out with the mayor who relieved him of his position but didn’t truly fire him. So, due to the clause, Herman was still collecting a monthly check while he tried searching for a new job. Herman sent dozens of applications to no avail, so now he just continues to make a living as an unemployed man.

2. Stand in Line

Waiting in line is never fun, especially when it seems to be moving at a snail’s pace. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get someone to hold your spot while you do something more interesting? Well, this is actually a common occupation in Italy where they are referred to as “codista” or “queuer.” In addition to standing in line, these professionals will also pay your bills, navigate government departments and mail packages. The job also comes with contracts and insurance just in case the codista has an accident.

3. Sleep or Stay Awake

If you love cozying up in your bed, then you’d be the perfect participant for a sleep study where researchers observe your body while you nod off. They pay pretty well too, with one woman cashing in nearly $12,000 for eleven nights of “hard work.” If you’re more of a night owl, then try a sleep deprivation study—where you’re only allowed to sleep for four hours at a time. Be careful what you sign up for though, because these studies often involve lots of tests and you can only sleep in certain positions. Make sure you read the fine print.

4. Lie in Bed for Months Straight

Scientists and researchers love conducting the wackiest studies they can think of. One of them involves documenting the effects of what happens to bodies when people stay in bed for too long. NASA, for instance, has been doing this for the past decade or so. If you’re willing to make at least $17,000, then all you have to do is lie in bed for up to 60 days with at least one shoulder touching the bed at all times. Because you’ll be pretty much a lab rat, you need to mentally prepare yourself for all the poking and prodding that will be going on. Oh, and they shock your muscles too!

5. Do Nothing in Isolation for As Long as You Can

In yet another study, researchers from the 1950s used to pay college students $20 a day or $190 dollars in today’s money, to stay in a tiny room for 24 hours while doing basically nothing. It seemed like a fair bargain since so many agreed people agreed to do it. At first, the participants mentioned having normal thoughts until they found themselves unable to concentrate on anything at all. Some minds went blank and others hallucinated which varied from geometric shapes to outlandish fantasies. The visions got worse the longer they went without sleep.


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