Insane Reasons People Gave for Not Paying Up

No one really likes parting ways with their hard-earned cash, especially during these hard times. Everything in this world comes with a price – a place to stay, food to eat, and the nice things we distract ourselves with. However, there are people who, for one reason or another, absolutely refused to pay up. Here are some of the bizarre excuses mustered up by five such sneaky individuals.

1. God

Delila Hernandez of New Mexico is a woman of unshakeable faith who knows that the Lord has her back at all times – even when it comes to the bill. After placing her takeout order, the 30-year-old woman exclaimed to the server, “this one is on God” to which the server replied, “that’s not how this works.” The irate woman then threatened the server, forcing him to back down. Once the police got involved, the devout believer expressed remorse and was later charged with a petty misdemeanor.

2. Cake Was Half Eaten When I Found It

Nothing’s wrong with a little penny-pinching here and there, but some people definitely take it too far. Like that woman in Wichita Falls, Texas who got really creative with her saving habits. While shopping at Walmart in 2019, the crafty customer ate half a cake… then refused to pay the full price. The manager intervened but the woman insisted that the other half was already missing when she picked it up. In the end, she still wound up paying the full price and was banned for life from all Walmart stores.

3. I Am Not a Person

There’s definitely a collective dislike for taxes, no matter one’s race, nationality, gender or sexuality. But there’s no one in the world who hates it more than Glen James Polglaise who denounced his humanity in an attempt to avoid paying his taxes. Polglaise told the court “As I waive my right to recognition as a person, I am not a resident for tax purposes.” He took it a step further and claimed that he was not the man named in the charges. Unamused, the judge scolded Polglaise, found him guilty of six charges and slapped him with an additional $6,000 fine.

4. Buried Father Who Was Not Dead

Banks experience glitches in their system all the time, and some people take full advantage of such moments Like that a Connecticut man named Joey Pellegrino helped himself to some extra cash thanks to a glitch that caused his balance to remain the same after withdrawing. The bank quickly caught on to his shenanigans and instead of repaying them, Pellefrino mentioned that he used the money for his father’s funeral. Spoiler alert – his father’s alive and well, and even offered his son money to repay the bank. After much drama, Pellegrino eventually came clean and paid up.

5. I Could Have Been with a Psychopath

Traffic tickets are examples of annoying fines that most people have to pay at some point. Some of us try to weasel our way out of it, usually to no avail. But not Amy Rush. The now 30-year-old Minnesota resident has a 15-year long overdue ticket for not wearing a seatbelt which she was issued after hitchhiking with a stranger. Rush’s logic for not paying was that for all the officer knew, she could have been with a deranged psychopath and that he should’ve shown more concern for a young girl riding with a much older man. It’s highly unlikely that Rush ever paid that fine!

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