Facts About Body Hair That’ll Creep You Out

Body hair can be a sensitive topic for many people and to this day we can’t understand why. Is it because some people associate it with poor hygiene and unsightliness? Whatever the reason/s may be, people generally dislike body hair and rather than keep what’s natural, they shave, wax, pluck, and laser off their follicles all to avoid seeing, feeling, and talking about it. If that’s you, then you may want to choose another article. If you don’t mind body hair or if you enjoy parading yours around, then not only is this article for you, then more power to you. Here are some facts about body hair that might scare you. 

1. Dandruff is Caused by a Fungus 

Ever heard of the saying, “there’s a fungus among-us”, well there is … and it lives in your scalp, among other things. A yeast-like fungus called Malassezia, which can be found on most adults’ scalps feeds on its oils leaving oleic acid in its place. Some people are very sensitive to this acid, and it increases the speed at which skin is renewed and, in an attempt to remove the irritant, flakes are created. The worst part is that there is no cure for it, but there are products that can help. 

2. Hair, Teeth, Skin and Nails; They’re the Same Thing

Hair is a filament made from a specialized protein known as keratin. What many people may not know is that other substances in the body are also made of keratin, including the outermost layer of skin, nails, and part of the teeth. This protein can also be found in the claws, beaks, feathers, and hooves of animals. So, in theory, keratin shampoo, used to help protect your hair, can be used on other parts of the body. 

3. Ancient Hair Care

You may think that hair care is gross now but if you know about hair care practices used long ago, you’ll be grateful that your biggest concern is the ratio of avocado to egg white. In the 16th century, some doctors swore that rubbing a mixture of boiled slugs, soap, saffron oil, and honey onto your scalp would make a person’s hair grow back. When it comes to hair removal, an earlier practice included using a mixture of either vinegar and cat excrements or quicklime and arsenic to get the job done. So, like we said, be grateful. 

4. There’s Something Living There 

In an earlier post, we mentioned that there was a fungus living on the scalp and we’re here to tell you about another one. This comes as a surprise because your hair is actually dead. Demodex folliculorum are microscopic mites that line in the hair follicle and feed on dead skin and oil around the follicle. A single hair follicle can carry 25 mites and can contribute to a number of skin conditions including acne and hair loss. It becomes a real problem in the immunocompromised and can lead to an infestation. 

5. Hair is Hair

It’s surprising that most people don’t know that hair is hair. What we mean is that hair whether it’s on your face, bum, nether region or growing from your armpit, it’s all the same… well technically. They’re all terminal hair; they start off as fine soft hair that becomes thicker and coarser once you reach puberty. The hair follicles then develop sebaceous glands which differ in size depending on the body part it is found. So, if one type of hair grosses you out, then all of it should. 


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