Fabled Treasures Still Waiting to be Found

Throughout history, many have made claims about treasure that were stolen, lost or mysteriously disappeared. Many treasure hunters have spent years seeking answers, with the hope of making these great discoveries. They embark on extensive journeys with their teams, risking their lives, in the quest to unearth these artifacts of great value. This has caught the attention of movie writers who have produced several popular films on explorers seeking lost treasure. It is believed that there are still many fabled treasures waiting to be found. Who knows, you just may be inspired to find these elusive treasures.  

1. The Gold of Llanganates

In 1532, Francisco Pizarro, Spanish colonizer, captured the Inca emperor, Atahualpa. Pizarro was promised rooms of gold and silver in exchange for the freedom of the Inca ruler, a ransom to which Pizarro initially agreed. Massive amounts of treasure were gathered, but Pizarro thought it would be dangerous to let Atahualpa live so the emperor was killed. On hearing this, the Incas hid large amounts of the valuables in a cave in Llangantes Mountains. Over the years, maps have been drawn suggesting the location of the treasure.

2. The Lake of Michigan Gold

It is believed that at the bottom of Lake Michigan lie bullions of gold just waiting to be brought to the surface. In the 17th and 18th century, a cache of gold and silver was looted by the Spanish from South America. It was believed that some of this wealth was taken aboard a ship called the Esperanza. Their ship was damaged and they were intercepted by pirates who took the wealth. When the pirates’ ship was destroyed, near Palmyra Island, they buried most of the treasure on the island. Only one man arrived on the mainland alive and he wrote about his tribulation before he died a month later.  

3. The Copper Scroll Riches

The Dead Sea Scrolls, which were discovered in the mid 20th century, are a collection of about 1000 ancient Jewish scrolls. Of these, the Copper Scroll, scroll 3Q15, found in 1952 was the only one written on thin metal sheets of copper mixed with tin. It provided an inventory of 64 locations where valuable treasure of caches of gold and silver were hidden but the geographical locations are unknown or no longer exist. 

4. Fortune of Fleagle Gang

During the 1920s, brother Jake and Ralph Fleagle, were leaders of a ruthless gang, notorious for robbing gambling houses and high stakes games. The Fleagle Gang is known for raiding the First National Bank in Lamar, Colorado and shooting many in the process. The two brothers later met their demises but it is believed that Ralph Fleagle saved all the wealth he acquired and buried them in secret stockpiles across the states. Many are of the opinion that much of this treasure is waiting to be unearthed.    

5. The Jarbidge Stage Robbery

December 5, 1916 will be remembered for the nation’s last stagecoach robbery in Jarbidge Canyon, Nevada. Ben Kuhl and two others shot and robbed Driver Fred Searcy as he made his way to deliver mail and the mining payroll. Ben Kuhl was apprehended and became the first criminal to be convicted using palm print evidence. The stolen mail which Searcy carried was found buried near the scene but the $4000 worth of coins and bills were never recovered, making this a prospect for treasure hunters.

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