Disturbing Things Health Inspectors Found in Restaurants

Restaurant health inspectors play a vital role in the food and beverage industry. They examine restaurants, the staff and food products to identify possible hazards. These inspectors pay close attention to how food is stored, thawed and prepared in restaurants. The inspection usually occurs randomly every six months in some cases. If customers make complaints it is the inspector’s responsibility to visit and investigate. Over the years health inspectors observed many food safety violations in restaurants. Going out to eat should never be risky. Here are five shocking discoveries made by restaurant health inspectors

1. Roadkill

Every year, millions of deer are hit by vehicles on roadways. You would expect that they would be cleared by the Department of Transportation. Well, roadkill has been known to make its way from the highway to the dinner table at restaurants. Would you want to feast on roadkill cuisine? In 2007, health inspectors received a report that deer carcasses were seen in the kitchen at La Charreada restaurant in Greencastle, Indiana. On arrival at the restaurant, the inspectors found the employees gutting a deer with some of the meat cut off. The owner of the restaurant insisted that an employee was only storing the roadkill to take it home.

2. Low Grade Meat

Customers at restaurants who order from the choices of meat on the menu expect to be served with high-quality cuts of meat. Inspectors found that a restaurant in Australia was using meat that was not human grade. The meat was actually pet food. Inspectors found fifteen kilograms of meat in the kitchen in a bag that clearly stated that it was pet meat and it was not for human consumption. The owner was caught preparing it. He blamed his supplier for this “blunder” and took the incident to social media; he received a $14,000 fine.

3. Illegal Foods

Countries sometimes have restrictions on various foods that can be prepared and consumed. Many species of whales are endangered and some countries consider this fact as justification for not harming these animals. In addition to their long history as labor and domestic animals, horses also frequently get medicines and other substances that may not be good for humans. It was discovered that a restaurant in Santa Monica served horse meat and sei whale. Sei whales are illegal in America. The restaurant was shut down for this major violation.

4. Poor Food Preparation and Storage Habits 

Fajita Taco Place in San Antonio was inspected by health officials in 2022 and several violations were recorded. In the cold unit, raw meat was found touching cooked meat. A chef was observed handling the tacos with his bare hands. Some cooked meat was left in the pan on the stove. The temperature of the cooked meat was seventy-one degrees when it should have been 135 degrees or higher. The meat was transferred to cold storage. These practices in food preparation and food storage were cause for concern.

5. Unsanitary Conditions

Inspectors with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, in September 2022 found a few violations in restaurants they visited. Live flies were found in the kitchen and area for food preparation. Flies were landing on cooked pizzas, hand wash sinks were used for other purposes, there was a roach infestation, no potable running water, rodents and rodent droppings were present and there was an accumulation of a mold-like substance inside the ice cream machine.

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