Creatures With Very Peculiar Bodily Functions

Most creatures in the animal kingdom have clear and straightforward traits that are easy to understand. Then there are those that baffle the human brain, despite it working perfectly well for the animal. But we can’t judge them too harshly because we have our own little quirks as well. So just what is it that makes these animals so peculiar and bizarre? Well, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?  Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. Fruit Flies Taste with Their Whole Body

In the world of insects, having taste receptors on various parts of your body is a common occurrence. Houseflies and butterflies have taste receptors in their feet, while honeybees and certain species of wasps can taste with their antennae. As for fruit flies, their entire body is just one huge taste receptor. They are able to distinguish between sweet and bitter using the receptors that are found on the bristles on their legs, their wings, the proboscis that they use to suck up food and even their ovipositor, an organ that is used to lay eggs.

2. Shark Electroreception

Every living organism has an electric field and most fish and amphibians have the ability to detect it, allowing them to sense nearby prey or predators. But sharks are ranked number one when it comes to this superpower as they are able to pick up on a mere one millionth of a volt of electricity. The electroreceptors or ampullae of Lorenzini, are basically a network of jelly-filled pores on the shark’s skin. The electrical currents flow through the jelly and across the surface of the ampulla, which is then interpreted by the shark’s brain.

3. Gardiner’s Frog

Gardiner’s frogs are tiny amphibians that are found only on the island nation of Seychelles. Their numbers are rapidly dwindling due factors such as human activity, invasive species and wildfires. Up until 2013, scientists assumed these creatures to be deaf due to their missing eardrum for sound to bounce off of. But they were proven wrong when they discovered that the frog is able to detect sound waves through a cavity in its mouth which is then transmitted to its brain.

4. Fish with Creepy Flashlights for Eyes

The lower we descend into the ocean, the weirder the creatures seem to be due to the lack of sunlight. This led to some rather strange evolutions in the animals that live there. Some of them naturally produce their own light while others have adapted to recognize it. The deep-sea dragonfish is one of them and it uses its special eyes to detect the reddish-orange wavelength of light. This gives the dragonfish a huge advantage because they’re the only ones that can see and emit red light that they also use as a signal to each other.

5. Sea Spider

Sea spiders are exactly as they sound—long-legged arachnids that happen to live in the sea. That’s not the weird part, though. What makes them so strange is the fact that they pump blood not from the heart but through the gut. Unlike humans, the gut of the sea spider is not in its abdomen, but instead is spread throughout its body. Also, there’s no respiratory system: the spider draws in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide through its legs. The legs also serve as reproductive organs: females grow eggs in their thighs while males release pores from their legs to fertilize it.

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