Crazy Movie Technologies That Actually Exist

Wouldn’t it be so cool if we could shoot lasers out of guns, fly to work in their car or even teleport from one part of the world to another. Little did you know that we’re one step closer to achieving those things You know, like that really strong metal that coats Wolverine’s skeleton or using lasers as weapons. Life is slowly imitating art and has been doing so for a while now. Below are five of the craziest movie technologies you would believe actually exist.

1. Cryonics

Imagine freezing your body right now, and waking up years into the future like it was nothing more than a short nap. Many people will roll their eyes at the idea of something like this happening in real-life. Little do they know that we’re one step closer to fully mimicking this technology. With the Alcor Life Extension Foundation you can have your brain frozen and preserved, for the small price of $80,000 of course. Although it’s just the brain, at some point in the future, our entire body will be able to enter a deep cold sleep.

2. Cybernetic Implants

Cybernetic implants are already a thing—it’s just a matter of making it resemble the ones we see in movies. The pacemaker is an example of a cybernetic implant, although rudimentary. What scientists are currently working on are those that could increase the wearer’s cognitive and physical abilities—and even trigger psychic abilities, like telekinesis. So far, the ones we do have can only cause you to “hear” colors, as in the case Neil Harbisson, the co-founder of Cyborg Nest who has an antenna attached to his head.

3. Exoskeletons

Scientists have been tinkering with the idea of exoskeletons since the 1960s. They’ve definitely come a long way, though they won’t grant us superhuman abilities like super strength and or super speed. But what they will do is improve your functionality and give you a sort of boost while carrying out tedious tasks. A South Korean company has been producing these bad boys for some time now, and it is estimated that they have been in operation for various purposes around the world since 2017.

4. A Real-Life Adamantium

So you might never have a metal skeleton like Wolverine, but it’s still pretty cool to know that adamantium is a real thing in our world. The credit for this one goes to a Seattle-based company named Modumetal who has successfully harnessed the process of nano lamination which allows them to deposit layers of metal upon each other. With this technique, Modumetal was able to create an entirely new class of metal, one that is both cheap and super strong. It is said to be even ten times stronger than steel! In the future, this metal will most likely be used in every day infrastructure and who knows, maybe in the human body too!

5. Laser Weapons

Laser weaponry is another technology that has been very much real for the past couple of decades or so. It’s just that it hasn’t quite taken off on a much larger scale but the ones that have been produced have shown that they’re capable of taking down small boats, missiles and drones. Many institutions, such as the United States Navy, are very much interested in creating a device that can shoot missiles straight into the sky… for obvious reasons. It is said that the next step in the global nuclear arms race is the ability to detonate nuclear weapons before they even strike.

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