Crazy and Hilarious Low-Speed Police Chases

Most people think that police car chases are only something seen in movies and TV shows, but that’s far from the truth. They do happen in real-life, but aren’t always as dramatic as they’re portrayed to be. Instead of zooming down the highway at 100 mph, sometimes it’s more like racing down the street on a tricycle. This list highlights five of the craziest and slowest low-speed police chases ever documented.

1. Scooter Just Can’t Scoot Fast Enough

Imagine you’re driving down the highway when you hear police sirens going off. The target? A 60-year-old double amputee who was weaving in and out of traffic on his mobility scooter. The hysterical ordeal was caught on camera by a nearby driver who even rooted for the old man yelling “Go, old man, go!” Turns out he didn’t stop because one, he thought the police siren was an ice-cream truck. And two, he was in a rush to get home to prepare dinner. The officers must have had a good laugh because they only slapped him with a small fine.

2. Great For Digging, Bad For Getting Away

Brand name cars and motorcycles are often the targets of joyriders. But a backhoe? That was 18-year-old Austin White’s vehicle of choice for a mid-afternoon stroll. It’s clear he didn’t think things through, especially when the police showed up. He backed up over a police car with the officer still inside, then purposely led them on for 12 blocks before giving up. In the end he was charged with six felony counts including attempted murder.

3. Tool-Throwing Chase

In March of 2019, the police were hot on the trail of a trio who made off with a stolen pickup truck. It began as a high-speed pursuit but was rendered to a low-speed one as the tires blew out. But the driver, Dominic Mendoza, refused to give up. The crazy part was when the passenger Nicolas Morgan-Flash had the genius idea to slow down the police by chucking tools at them. Maybe his aim was really bad because the police barely slowed down. The officers only caught up to them because the pickup truck gave up, possibly because it ran out of gas.

4. Escapee Not Cow-ed By Police

It’s not always humans who give the police a hard time, but also animals. In this case, it was a cow that tried to escape its gruesome fate from a beef plant in Nebraska. A nearby witness made sure to capture footage of the weird chase, like something straight out of a Disney animated film. It took a while but the two patrol cars made it to the cow who was unfortunately put down. The cow’s carcass was taken in by a rendering plant as it was unsuitable to take it back to the beef processing facility it came from.

5. Sled Dogs Mush Too Slow For Cops

This particular pursuit involved a lot of barking and panting at the suspects. In late 2019, musher Jen Mignard was in the middle of training with her sled dogs for an upcoming competition when her sled tipped over. Instead of stopping, her dogs just kept going, unaware that their owner was no longer with them. It wasn’t long until the best officers were on the case – Dave Firebaugh and Jeremiah Adams of the K9 unit. In no time, the runaway pooches were apprehended and returned to their owner.

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