Board Games With Cult-Like Followings

Due to tradition, fads, subculture tendencies, or other factors, some games have hordes of fans who regularly gather to play, and even compete in tournaments. Players are drawn to certain games and spend much time learning the rules and developing strategies to beat any opponent. The board games mentioned here have grown in popularity over the years and have a wide fan base. Some may say that these five games are obsessive.

1. Monopoly

Monopoly is a multiplayer game that is based on the real-life effects of capitalism. Players try to remain financially solvent while forcing the other players into bankruptcy by acquiring and developing real estate. Things can get really stressful and intense. Although this game has been around for over a century, it continues to be popular among people of all ages. The game now exists in innumerable forms, editions, and variations thanks to its popularity. Some of these include Eightieth Anniversary Edition, Empire, Junior and the Ultimate Banking Edition.  

2. Zombicide

Up to six players collaborate in the zombie survival game, Zombicide. Players assume the role of a survivor, each with their own special abilities, and use both their own talents and the strength of their team to battle the legions of zombies. Each player controls a different survivor in Zombicide, which is played in a succession of swift turns. A player is given a limited number of actions each round to move, engage in combat, and look for weapons. The players win if they make it through the entire assignment alive. This is easier said than done.

3. Dominion

Dominion is a deck-building game which has become quite popular over the last few years. The original Dominion has fifteen expansions that have been made available as of December 2022. Each player starts with a small deck of cards, which they can expand by buying cards from a shared supply that changes depending on the game. Although the game is reasonably easy to play, it requires a lot of strategy to master it. The goal is to have the most valuable deck of cards at the end. The interesting thing is that each game isn’t identical and the cards that are available are random. This helps keep the game interesting.

4. Pandemic

For many of us, after Covid-19 hit, the name of this game took on a whole new meaning. Well this game became more popular when the world was stopped in its tracks by the virus. People actually held pandemic parties where this game was the highlight. In the game of pandemic, players work collaboratively to protect the world from four devastating plagues. The difficult task of saving the world is made more enjoyable when played with friends. In a quest to find a cure, players first begin in one of four cities before moving on to others. The objective is to discover all four treatments before the diseases get out of hand.

5. Settlers of Catan

Another long-established board game is Settlers of Catan. It’s one of the most well-known games ever created, with over thirty million copies sold. The award-winning strategy game The Settlers of Catan requires players to gather resources and use them to construct towns, cities, and roadways as they gain points and work their way toward triumph. Each game differs somewhat from the last due to the changeable board. Players begin the game with nothing, but if they want to win, they must eventually create a prosperous settlement. The game is won by the player who accumulates the most points.

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