Bizarre Stories Involving Intoxicated Animals

We’ve all heard funny stories involving intoxicated humans but not many about intoxicated animals, which happens more often than you’d think. Like us, animals also exhibit drunk behavior from slurred animal speech to passing out and it’s not always because they had too many alcoholic beverages, some of them got drunk by eating fermented fruit. Here are some of the most bizarre stories involving intoxicated animals. 

1. Intoxicated Seagull on the Beach

In 2018, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, an animal welfare charity in the United Kingdom got a few concerning calls about some drunk seagulls on some of England’s southwest beaches. Not only were the seagulls disoriented and struggling to stand, but they’d also thrown up all over the shore. Investigations revealed that the birds got access to a local brewery’s waste while others believed that they’d gotten into beer cans left behind on local beaches. Veterinarians were called to treat the birds and while most of them made a speedy recovery, others were not as fortunate. 

2. Drunk Squirrel in a Pub

In 2015, members of the Honeybourne Railway Club in England thought that somebody had broken into their club and destroyed the place until one of the members found out that the culprit was an animal, not a person. A squirrel found its way into the private club and caused damages that totaled $400. It got into the ale tap, drank some alcohol and went around ransacking the club. When they walked in, there was money scattered all over the floor along with some smashed bottles. The animal was eventually caught and released. 

3. Drunk Bats Fly

A study published in 2009 claimed that bats under the influence of alcohol flew just as well as their sober counterparts. In the study, 106 bats from different species were caught and given either sugar water or ethanol before being placed in an obstacle course created on the forest floor. Despite all the bats having a blood-alcohol content exceeding 0.3, they all passed the test, which is an amazing feat. In most places, humans are not allowed to drive with a blood-alcohol content exceeding 0.08. Additionally, researchers discovered that their tolerance to alcohol depended on how much and how often they consumed alcohol. 

4. Drunk Moose Terrorizing the Town

Every fall, legions of moose make their way into small towns to feed on fallen apples, some of which were so far into the fermentation process that they started to become alcoholic. The moose in Sweden would then terrorize their locals with their drunk antics. Past offenses include scaring young children and falling into swimming pools. One drunk moose went as far as getting into a fight with a swing set and dragging it over 800 feet away from its original position. In a separate event in Gothenburg, a moose got stuck in an apple tree and required assistance to get out of bind.

5. Vervet Monkey Stealing Drinks

Vervet monkeys, also known as green monkeys, are Old World monkeys found all over Africa. During the 18th and 19th centuries, they were brought to the Caribbean. When sugarcane was burned before the harvest, the remains were consumed by the monkeys, and they developed a liking for alcohol. Fast-forward to present time, tourists have reported their drinks going missing in the presence of these animals. Additionally, researchers have found that vervet monkeys, specifically teenage primates, drank the most alcohol.

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