Animals With Poor Design Features

Many people often make the assumption that evolution occurs in a straight line and that mother nature always gets it right. This is far from the truth as there’s no telling how things will turn out. Sometimes we get really cool creatures like lions and jaguars, then there are platypuses that’s basically a mashup of a beaver and duck. So it’s not always so cut and dry. Take a look at these animals with design features that should have stayed in the drafts.

1. Sunfish

The ocean sunfish or mola is a strange-looking creature with large eyes and lips, and a mouth that can’t stay closed due to its odd teeth. What makes it different from other fish is that it lacks a swim bladder, an important organ that helps them float. Instead, there’s a layer of jelly under its skin that makes it able to remain buoyant. The sunfish is also extremely vulnerable to predators and parasites. The only reason it still exists is due to the 300 million eggs it lays at a time, that are dumped near a male in hopes that they’re fertilized and hopefully survive.

2. Giant Squid

The giant squid is most likely the inspiration behind the kraken, a monster that brought sailors to their deaths. It’s pretty cool to look at, especially with its one eye. But it has a major design flaw: the fact that its throat runs through its brain. This is a special kind of choking hazard because if the squid swallows something too large, the bulge of food, as it passes through the throat, could press against the brain tissues, bruising and damaging it in the process. Talk about biting off more than you can chew!

3. Koala

Koalas are cute, teddy bear-like marsupials that spend their waking days munching on vegetation, much like pandas. So what’s the deal with them? It’s their small and smooth brain that makes them incapable of carrying out even the simplest of tasks. And they’re extremely picky eaters who prefer the low-nutrient eucalyptus leaves. As for their teeth? They don’t have ones that continually grow like rodents or wear slowly like a horse’s; they’re small, jagged teeth that wear down quickly all the way to the gumline. At this point they’re no longer able to eat and slowly starve to death.

4. Sea Snakes

Sea snakes are exactly what their name says: snakes that live in the sea. They spend most of their time slithering on top of waves, hunting fish and they even give birth to their young in the water. So what’s so bad about their design? The fact that they can’t drink the sea water is something that leads to them being in a constant state of dehydration. They’re only able to quench their thirst when it rains because the fresh water will float over the dense salt water. And for some reason, they can’t or won’t swim in freshwater streams. The land is a no-go as well!

5. Humans

Humans are just as weirdly designed. Sure, we’re smart but our bodies have their shortcomings. Our feet have 26 separate bones which make them quite fragile as they’re prone to damage since they were originally meant for gripping back when we were primates, not supporting our entire body. Similarly, our spines still aren’t used to carrying loads the way we do and we develop all sorts of back problems as early as our twenties. And finally, our babies have heads and torsos so big that C-sections are needed for at least one third of human births. 


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