Animals That Make Surprisingly Great Guards

When it comes to protecting our properties, dogs have always been most people’s go-to option. However, for one reason or another, many people have been relegating that task to animals you‘d never consider for that kind of job. In fact, some of them even do a much better job at guarding than dogs. At first glance, these animals don’t seem like much of a threat but intruders will definitely think twice about stepping foot where they aren’t welcomed. Below are five animals that are surprisingly really great at guarding.  

1. Llama

Llamas are great at fending off dogs and foxes—the latter often wind up dead too. Not so many humans, though. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ll let any random person walk up to their livestock as these creatures have a reputation of becoming irritated at the mere presence of strangers. They’ll make really loud noises and stamp their feet, alerting the farmers of the in the process. Female llamas do a really good job at guarding livestocks but uncastrated males spend more time attempting to breed with the very animals they’re supposed to be protecting.

2. Geese

Geese already have a reputation for having really bad attitudes and for being extremely territorial. Maybe that’s part of the reason why some farmers decided to use them as guards for their free-range chickens. Any intruder who comes into the space of a goose will be heckled at and frightened away. They also have really good eyesight—both near and far—which allows them to spot even the slightest movement. Another reason is that, unlike dogs, geese are very difficult to bribe as they will make very loud noises in excitement if you give them a treat.

3. Donkeys

The donkey is often painted as a slow and dull, yet gentle animal. This alone would make an intruder underestimate how dangerous donkeys can be. For one, they’re extremely territorial and are very hostile towards foxes, coyotes, dogs and bobcats—all natural predators of livestock. When threatened, donkeys will bray loudly and charge towards their enemy with both its teeth and hooves. Females and single castrated donkeys with foals happen to make the best guards.

4. Wolves

In some villages in Kazakhstan, it’s not uncommon for residents to use wolves to protect themselves and their properties from other wild wolves. These people will pay up to $500 for wolf cubs who they raise and treat no differently from domesticated dogs, even allowing them to roam freely on their private property. One owner even said that the wolves are pretty calm and will never attack as long as they’re fed and kept happy. Experts, however, have raised an eyebrow or two at those claims considering they are still wild animals and are somewhat unpredictable.

5. Snakes

The high crime rates and gang activities in South Africa has left home and business owners extremely frustrated to the point of using snakes to protect what’s theirs. Some businesses will have up to six snakes slithering around their property. One time, a co-owner of a business fended off three thieves by charging towards them with a python in his hand. Everyone knows how dangerous snakes are so it’s a no-brainer that one will stay far away from them, even thieves. Some people, despite not having any snakes, will put up signs saying “Beware of Snakes.” That’s how scary snakes are!

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