Amazing Magic Tricks That We Still Can’t Explain

Most magic tricks are pretty explainable—they’re nothing more than simple misdirection and smokes and mirrors. Then there’s those that no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to figure out the logic behind it. Of course there’s all sorts of theories out there but no one knows for sure. No one but the magician himself, that is. And as we all know, a magician never reveals his secret. Below are a few of the most amazing magic tricks that none of us still can’t explain.

1. David Blaine – Teeth

David Blaine is one of the most talented magicians out there best known for his unbelievable and jaw-dropping magical acts. For this trick, well, there’s just no way to explain what he did. Blaine approached a random bystander and asked to pull out two of her teeth. She hesitantly agreed but was met with lots of confusion and questions—not even pain—when he did in fact successfully pull out her teeth. When it was time to put it back in, Blaine simply placed them into his own mouth and spit them back into the girl’s in the exact spot where they used to be like nothing ever happened!

2. Penn & Teller – Shadows

In this simple yet intriguing trick, Teller demonstrated his ability to deflower a shadow using nothing but a knife. Every flicker of the knife corresponded perfectly with the shadow as the flower responded accordingly to every part that was cut off. It would normally be the other way around; the shadow would mimic what was happening to the flower. Shortly after, the canvas revealed that Teller was bleeding, only for him to turn around and confirm what the audience was seeing.

3. The Indian Rope Trick

This one is pretty self-explanatory—just a regular rope doing some not-so-regular tricks. At the beginning, the magician showed rope to the skeptical crowd and even yanked on it a bit to show that it wasn’t altered in any way. He then placed it into a basket and then commanded it to “come alive.” In no time, the rope started rising from the basket like an actual snake in tune with the magician’s music too. A young boy even climbed on the rope and once he got down the rope collapsed, like nothing ever happened.

4. David Copperfield – Portal 

There’s no explanation for how he pulled it off, but David Copperfield’s portal magic trick is the closest thing we’ll ever have to teleportation. Before taking off to his new destination, Copperfield took a couple of things with him: the initials of a random audience member written on his arm with a marker and took a Polaroid picture of other audience members. Then, along with his assistant, Copperfield stepped through the portal, only to resurface on a seemingly live feed where they stood on a stunning Hawaiian beach along with the signature and Polaroid picture.

5. Liu Qian – Coins

Liu Qian is a fairly popular Taiwanese magician whose coin trick involves nothing more than just a clear plexiglass table, a black mat and some coins. First, he placed the black mat on the table and dropped the coins through both the mat and the table. Skeptical, a woman sitting nearby believed that the mat played a role in the trick. So Liu removed the mat and dropped the coin through the table. He even took it a step further by sliding his hand through the plexiglass to spill even more coins on the table.

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