5 of the Oldest Cars Still on the Road Today

Remember kicking back in your Mom’s old Volvo (version 1.0), or taking a nap on the sheepskin seats in your Dad’s old Ford Mustang? Some car models were just too popular to stop production and select car enthusiasts won’t let some of the old ones go. Here are 5 of the oldest cars you can still spot driving today.


1. Mercedes-Benz G-Class – From 1979
The name just has a ring to it that you can sense means business. Originally designed as an off-roading vehicle its boxy design mimics that of a previous military vehicle built in the 1940’s, meant to transport farmers and civilians through war zones. It has recently released the newest version after four decades and has become somewhat of a status symbol, being widely popular among celebrities.


2. Toyota Corolla – From 1966
Ah, the unassuming Toyota Corolla. Who could have guessed that this would become the best-selling vehicle of all time? Although, Ford might have something to say about it. While it’s gone through several facelifts over the years, it has essentially remained a template for small cars everywhere for half a century. The first model was produced in Japan in 1966, and it’s been full steam ahead ever since.


3. Land Rover (Defender) – 1948 to 2015
Although production stopped a few years ago due to stricter pedestrian safety laws, you’ll still find plenty of these in the UK, most likely throughout the more rural areas as keeping with past tradition. Like the G-Class, this original model was also influenced by the war, with the first construction using leftover aluminum from military related labours in Britain. Today it is called the Land Rover Defender, with the Defender being added in its later years. The 2020 design has a much sleeker aesthetic than the original, but these cars have always maintained their popularity over time.


4. The Volkswagen Beetle – From 1938
The iconic Volkswagen Beetle has barely changed from the very first one ever commissioned to be produced by Hitler himself. An 18-year-old Hungarian student is widely credited for submitting a design for the vehicle in 1925, and the first prototypes were made by an Austrian automotive engineer. This distinct car, reminiscent of a beetle, has held up over pop culture over the years, most notably during the 60’s. However, it doesn’t look like it’s going out of style any time soon.


5. The Morgan 4/4 – From 1936
The brand name might not ring a bell, but you’ve certainly seen one of the fancy low-riding British vehicles before, even if it was just in an old movie. Production has been spotty over the years, and the car doesn’t boast many features except for its classic design. But, if you’ve got the money to burn and want to ride in style, you can’t find a more classic vehicle to look distinguished in. The newest model was released in 2018.

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