The Biggest Unbelievable Privately-Owned Yachts

They’re yachts so big they were fitted with the word “super” in front, and the public will never get to experience most of them (except from afar). But hey, they must be exciting to build for the designers involved.


1. Lurssen, Azzam: 592 feet, 8 inches
Launched in 2013, this superyacht still holds the title of longest yacht in the world, even 7 years later. Owned and commissioned by Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of the United Arab Emirates, not a ton of detail is known about the ship due to his privacy, and it is not available for charter. It was directed by engineer Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi, who worked alongside Lurssen Yachts for technical engineering and design, interior decorator Christophe Leoni, and exterior decorator Nauta Yachts. We can only assume the inside is breathtaking.


2. Blohm & Voss, Eclipse: 533 feet, 2 inches
Created for billionaire Roman Abramovich, when this yacht first hit the water in 2010 it was the biggest in the world until it was surpassed in 2013. It has one of the largest pools of any superyacht, and it also happens to turn into a dance floor. It was designed to be so enormous that it can hold 3 helicopters (maybe for a quick getaway?) and if that level of luxury isn’t enough, it also houses a giant spa & gym in its beach club. Oh, and the owner has his own deck that’s over one-hundred feet long.


3. Platinum Yachts, Dubai: 531 feet, 6 inches
Initially designed for Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei in 1996, this superyacht stood at a standstill for a while until its construction was completed in 2006. Construction was begun by Blohm & Voss along with Lurssen Yachts, only for the hull to eventually be completed by Platinum Yachts for Sheik Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum. It is named Dubai for a reason, with its interior design hosting the finest of fabrics and intricate mosaics, including a mosaic swimming pool. Dubai has seven spacious decks interspersed with numerous lounge areas and guest suites. And obviously, it can carry a helicopter.


4. Lurssen, Al Said: 508 feet, 6 inches
Able to hold up to 70 people, not including a 200-person crew, this ship launched in 2016 was created for the Sultan of Oman. It is currently the eighth longest yacht in the world and was initially called project Sunflower. The design was by Espen Oeino, except for the interior which was done by a London-based company that includes a concert hall with enough space for a 50-person orchestra.


5. The Samuda Brothers, El Mahrousa: 478 feet
Launched all the way back in 1865, this yacht has quite the history. It is used as Egypt’s presidential yacht and over the years has even carried three of them to exile. It was also the first boat to cross the new Suez Canal back in 2015. It is the world’s oldest superyacht, with a total of 57 feet having been added since its inception, and it’s currently technically in the care of the Egyptian navy.

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