Paranormal Explorers of the Victorian Era

July 10, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

The Victorian Era was well-known for its amazing progress and feats in science, technology and engineering but a lesser-known fact was their growing interest and

History’s Most Scandalous Women

July 5, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Throughout our existence, the term “scandalous woman” has meant different things, but it essentially describes a woman who goes against socially acceptable rules, which could

People From History Who Refused to Stay Dead or Die

July 4, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

We’ve all heard stories of people who have come back from the dead, but have you ever heard of people who refused to go beyond

People With Real-Life Superpowers

June 28, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Since the recording of our time on this planet, there have always been individuals who stood out from the crowd for a number of reasons.

Crazy Con Artists Who Sold Things They Never Owned

June 24, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

In case you didn’t know, con artist is short for confident artist since it surely takes a lot of guts and lack of remorse to

Forgers Who Conned the Heck Out of the Art World

June 20, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

The art world, like any other field, is filled with crooks and snakes looking to pull a fast one on unsuspecting dealers. Sometimes, the dealers

Famous Rulers Who Got Rid of their Wives

June 13, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Throughout history, rulers have had to make many tough decisions but no one ever thought that deciding whether they should keep a spouse around would

The Distinct Styles of Iconic Movie Directors

May 30, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Have you ever watched a film and could tell exactly who the genius behind it was? Like singers and other creatives, directors have their own

Famous Actors Who Didn’t Get to Use Their Own Voice

May 28, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

In the film industry, things don’t always go as planned. An actor or actress may have the perfect look for a role but due to

The Demise of Popular Whistleblowers

May 25, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Depending on who you ask, a whistleblower is either an unsung hero who puts their life and career on the line for the sake of