Ways That Social Media is Ruining the World

January 2, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

When social media became a big deal on the internet, many people were excited to connect with others who shared similar interests and views as

The Essentials You Need to Get Off the Grid

January 1, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Today, many people are growing increasingly tired of modern society and the business that comes with it. Work, school, children, bills – there’s just no

Classic Movie Remakes That Are Better Than the Originals

December 31, 2021 AnyTrivia 0

Movie remakes in the entertainment industry are nothing new. Hollywood seems to love visiting the past – maybe because they’ve ran out of fresh ideas

Worst Things About Being an Astronaut

December 29, 2021 AnyTrivia 0

When you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, there’s a good chance that an astronaut will be one of their

Misconceptions People Have About Historical Weapons

December 28, 2021 AnyTrivia 0

Warfare, no matter if it’s on a large or small scale, is something that just about every human civilization has engaged in. This led to

Things That Are More Valuable Than Gold

December 27, 2021 AnyTrivia 0

Humans have an affinity for expensive things and will go to great lengths to acquire them. Gold is one of them and it was especially

Famous Books that Were Once Rejected

December 20, 2021 AnyTrivia 0

Getting a book published isn’t as easy as many believe it to be, the book must be edited to perfection, then a target audience must

Mysteries Solved By Deathbed Confessions

December 19, 2021 AnyTrivia 0

Deathbed confessions were once thought to be the stuff of movies, but it turns out that some people feel the need to share their deepest

Deadly Things We Once Thought Were Safe

December 18, 2021 AnyTrivia 0

Life has been a steep learning curve, especially for the early settlers… they didn’t exactly have an instruction manual.  Our ancestors and forefathers lacked the

Space Missions That Went Incredibly Wrong

December 15, 2021 AnyTrivia 0

Going into space is exciting! The possibilities are endless as astronauts explore the unknown. But that doesn’t mean that there are no dangers. In fact,