Dangerous Ingredients That Might Be in Your Toothpaste

January 21, 2023 AnyTrivia 0

Toothpaste is a staple on the bathroom counters of every household, but have we taken time to know what’s in that tooth gel that we

The Toughest Marathons Held Around the World

January 20, 2023 AnyTrivia 0

Marathons can be traced all the way back to ancient Greek when a messenger by the name of Pheidippides ran for several miles from the

Ridiculously Expensive Versions of Our Favorite Fast Foods

January 19, 2023 AnyTrivia 0

Fast food is appropriately named so due to how fast it is prepared as well as the fact that it’s dirt cheap. However, there are

Cool Things You May Have Not Known About Body Language

January 18, 2023 AnyTrivia 0

Humans are social creatures who communicate with each other in a wide variety of ways including body language. You how someone doesn’t have to explicitly

The Freakiest Childhoods in the Animal Kingdom

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Most animals, especially mammals, have shown to be very caring and fiercely protective of their young, while other species do a complete 180 and barely

The Longest Words in the English Language

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English can sometimes be a bit of a handful, even to native speakers, due to its inconsistent spelling and grammar rules. It’s even more confusing

Supreme Court Decision That Changed America Forever

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The Supreme Court is the final arbiter of the law and it functions as an interpreter of the Constitution. While some rulings have maybe caused

The Most Bizarre Pageants Across the World

January 13, 2023 AnyTrivia 0

Pageantry has become ingrained in modern culture and is now ubiquitous. The world of pageantry has evolved and has gotten quite creative over the years.

The Biggest Price-Fixing Scams in History

January 9, 2023 AnyTrivia 0

Price-fixing is nothing new in the business world although in most countries it is illegal. Price fixing is an agreement between two or more competitors

Times Science Flirted With Starting a Zombie Apocalypse

January 7, 2023 AnyTrivia 0

Fight as we may, death is an aspect of life that everyone has to go through, whether we like it or not. Even scientists are