Syndromes You Didn’t Know Existed

February 3, 2023 AnyTrivia 0

Sometimes, reality can appear much stranger than fiction. There are many diseases in this world that are so rare and unusual that they’ve been named

Cool Nautical Traditions We’ve Forgotten About

February 1, 2023 AnyTrivia 0

Nautical traditions were once a huge part of a sailor’s everyday life. Today, these traditions have been nearly wiped out, some due to the natural

The Most Exceptional Eyeless Animals in the World

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When it comes to evolution, anything that doesn’t serve the animal in surviving its immediate environment becomes atrophied over time. This can be seen in

Shocking WWI Facts You Have to Know

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Though there have been countless wars throughout history, World War I was certainly the first to occur on such a grand scale, claiming millions of

Children’s Nursery Rhymes With Hidden Meanings

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For centuries, nursery rhymes have been enjoyed by kids all over the world and are passed on from one generation to the other. These catchy

The Most Bizarre Reality Shows From Around the World

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Reality shows first came on the scene in the early 1990s and since then, this genre has accumulated a huge fan base. With over thirty

The Strangest Monarchs to Ever Rule

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Throughout history, there have been countless monarchs who proved just how far removed they are from the real world due to their sheltered and pampered

Sports Curses That’ll Convince Even the Biggest Skeptics

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There are times when there seems to be something amiss in the world of sports. People often try to explain the failures or misfortunes of

Dangerous Ingredients That Might Be in Your Toothpaste

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Toothpaste is a staple on the bathroom counters of every household, but have we taken time to know what’s in that tooth gel that we

The Toughest Marathons Held Around the World

January 20, 2023 AnyTrivia 0

Marathons can be traced all the way back to ancient Greek when a messenger by the name of Pheidippides ran for several miles from the