Month: May 2022

The Craziest Pyramid Schemes In Recent History

May 31, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Where there are naive people, there are dishonest con artists preying on their vulnerability. Pyramid scheme organizations are very much aware of this, which is

The Distinct Styles of Iconic Movie Directors

May 30, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Have you ever watched a film and could tell exactly who the genius behind it was? Like singers and other creatives, directors have their own

The Craziest Things People Have Eaten for Entertainment

May 29, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

There have always been people with the insane skill of eating anything, whether it’s truly edible or not. And it goes way beyond just having

Famous Actors Who Didn’t Get to Use Their Own Voice

May 28, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

In the film industry, things don’t always go as planned. An actor or actress may have the perfect look for a role but due to

Man-Made Innovations We Owe to Spiders

May 27, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Spiders are hardly anyone’s favorite critters. They’re the creepy roommates we never ask for, but always seem to get. There’s just something about their long,

Jewelry You’ll Think Twice About Wearing

May 26, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Humans have always had an innate desire to adorn their bodies with jewelry, whether with shiny gemstones, animal teeth or even shells. Besides mainstream jewelry,

The Demise of Popular Whistleblowers

May 25, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Depending on who you ask, a whistleblower is either an unsung hero who puts their life and career on the line for the sake of

Ridiculously Expensive Works of Art That’ll Leave You Scratching Your Head

May 24, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Art is subjective… and really expensive, apparently. And it’s not just a couple of hundreds that were thrown at these art pieces; we’re talking about

Creative PG Expletives You Didn’t Know You Needed

May 23, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Swear words have been used by many to “enhance” their vocabulary for centuries and while many people find them fun to use, they’re not appropriate

Silly Exercising Myths We’ve Believed for Years

May 22, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Every new year, people obsess over their goal and near the top of everyone’s resolution is to get in shape. Rather than doing the proper