Month: February 2022

Bizarre Stories Involving Intoxicated Animals

February 28, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

We’ve all heard funny stories involving intoxicated humans but not many about intoxicated animals, which happens more often than you’d think. Like us, animals also

Famous People Who Are Praised for Things They Didn’t Do

February 27, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

The stories of how our greatest inventions were made have been documented in history and while everyone loves a good tale, sometimes historians don’t get

Round Table Knights You Never Heard About

February 26, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

The story of King Arthur and his knights have been told for centuries and is well known around the world. Apart from being told in

Most Bizarre Endurance Competitions in the World

February 25, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

There are some people in the world who live to compete, and they’ve trained for years to one day reach their goals. While most endurance

Hilarious Ways Thieves Got Caught

February 24, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Everyone loves a smooth criminal, well except the people being robbed, and if Law and Order, Blue Bloods and Criminal Minds have taught us anything,

Ways You May Be Hurting Your Brain

February 23, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Out of all the organs in our body, the brain is by far one of the most sensitive and important ones. Without it we wouldn’t

Urban Legends That Turned Out to Be True

February 22, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Every town, city and country around the world have their own urban legends. They’re often told at campfire sites or by parents to instill just

Simple Math Errors that Cost Tons of Money

February 21, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Math might be most people’s least favorite subject but it’s an essential one. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our modern technologies. That’s

Amazing Radioactive Sites You Can Visit Today

February 20, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Ever since the discovery of radiation, humanity has used it to do some terrible things and there are many places that still exist today, that

Biggest Misconceptions About Ancient Greece and Its Myths

February 19, 2022 AnyTrivia 0

Ancient Greece is filled with lots of captivating stories, both mythological and political, some of which are still well-known even to this day. Despite our